Wednesday, July 8, 2015

New Paperclips - Digital Style

As educators, we are all familiar with paperclips. In fact, office supply companies have even designed "special" paper clips using fancy shapes, colors and all sorts of tricks to appeal to the cute and crafty side teachers so often seem drawn to. But now, there is a digital alternative to those tiny metal wonders. Meet Educlipper. This site allows you to "clip" internet resources so they are easy to go back to when you need them. The "clips" are also searchable and sharable so that you can help out your fellow educator. You can also search for "clips" from other educators which you can then reclip to your own board or profile. This site is designed specifically for education and although I have only scratched the surface, it looks to be a promising tool for both teachers and students. Here is an example of a clip board I created by searching for classroom resources related to chemistry concepts that I created using this site:

Link: Educlipper Board: Matter and Chemistry

This is a board I will use during the unit I teach on matter and introduction to chemistry. This board contains links to online resources including videos that I will use as attention-grabbers and to develop interest in the subject. It also includes resources to use during the unit such as an interactive periodic table, a 3D app for iPads, and Chemistry Cat memes for fun! Although students are usually very engaged throughout the matter/chemistry unit, these resources will provide me with new tools and activities to share with my students, as well as ways to keep students interested and engaged in learning throughout the unit. 

Educlipper looks to be a great resource to use both in my classroom and with other teachers as we work to support each other in the integration of technology in the classroom.

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